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Iconsfanart: icons and all kind of graphics
31st-Oct-2006 01:48 pm

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't updated in so long! :( I usually update around every 2 weeks, but you can't imagine how busy I am with school right now. My friends even say they cry almost every night because of the stress (so go figure). Ok, I haven't gone so far, hehe, but it's still sooo much pressure, I'm so stressed out and I can't dedicate my time to make icons...

EDIT 24/12/06: plus my computer broke down :( I haven't had it for over a month, then they gave it back to me last week and guess what, IT'S EMPTY. They've deleted it all, I've lost everything. EVERYTHING! All my pictures, the ones that I'd downloaded and the personal ones, my music!, my videos, my programs, everything I'd done with PhotoShop (all new stuff that I hadn't posted yet), all the brushes, textures, gradients... EVERYTHING! O-M-G *dies*
So I'm also sorry because I'd made some new icons that I was gonna post soon and all those have now gone to waste! How sucky is this? ARGH.

Anyway, sorry guys, I just wanted to let you know.
Take care and see you soon!
xxx Andrea :)
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