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Iconsfanart: icons and all kind of graphics
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12th-Oct-2005 06:31 pm - Rose McGowan header

Hey, as a request by witchytara24 , here's a Rose McGowan header.

Follow the cutCollapse )

9th-Oct-2005 01:09 pm - Holly Marie Combs header

Hey this is a Holly header that i made for Liz (rossandrachfan ). I just thought I'd share it cuz i wanted to start posting on my new community but i was to lazy to post icons now lol. Anyway here it is:

under the cutCollapse )

I also take requests

22nd-Sep-2005 10:15 pm - New Community
Well this is my first community ever (as i'm kind of new to LJ). Here i'll put most of my fan art about whatever: Friends, Jennifer Aniston, Charmed, Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Nicole Kidman... well different kinds hehe. Hope i keep it updated and get lots of people to join!! :-D
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